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About Form At Wood

FORM AT WOOD is a fruit of combing passion for woodworking celebrated for three generations and love of original design and modern space planning. These are the values which let us create exclusive wooden wall panels, which have been exciting imagination for years, and meet the needs of people sensitive for beauty and original aesthetics. Our drive and the heart put into woodworking will make our three-dimensional panels liven and warm up every interior. We believe that our wooden wall decor FORM AT WOOD will help you create a stylish and representative space, as well as provide good energy and great mood in your house or business.


Wooden panels made by people for people


More than half a century ago, the grandfather of one of the owners set up a carpentry workshop, developed and mastered woodworking technology, and built machines that have successfully operated completely on their own until now. The model shop run by Mateusz’s grandfather, later developed to its current size by his son, enjoyed a great reputation and for years was considered one of the best on the market. Today, a new and completely different story is being created at the site.

New beginning

FORM AT WOOD was founded by Kamil Schynol and Mateusz Halek, who introduced a solid foundation to the company consisting in the knowledge and experiences in the woodworking his grandfather taught him.

Over a half a century ago Mateusz’s grandfathers started a workshop, developed and mastered technology of woodworking and built the machines successfully operating until now all by himself. A specialist pattern shop run by Mateusz’s grandfather had a great reputation and was considered one of the best on the market for years.

Our Mission

“Continuous striving to create and manufacture wooden products that enrich the interior and aesthetic experience of our customers.”

We believe that our wooden wall decor FORM AT WOOD will help you create a stylish and representative space, as well as provide good energy and great mood in your house or business.


Although our production is based on precision CNC machines, it is thanks to our team that the final product is so pleasant to the eye and touch. The multi-step process of manual processing and control, is a guarantee of the highest quality that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Our team controls every process and takes care of the finishing of the product, because it is the details that determine the quality.


Our goal is full customer satisfaction, so we always put the highest standard of service as a priority. Customers of FORM AT WOOD can count on our full support – both at the stage of pre-purchase counseling, during order processing and after the sale. When any complications arise, we promptly help solve any problem


Innovative products branded FAW have been awarded in international competitions, for instance in Germany or the USA. Prestigious awards are a driving force for us to expand our collection of products with new patterns and functional qualities. For this reason, we carry out research and development activities.

We care

FORM AT WOOD cares about nature. All products are made in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and respect for nature. These standards are related, among other things, to the material used by FAW (wood), sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry operators. Since our company uses the resources of the environment, and wood is the basic material from which we produce our wood panels, we go to plant trees every year. We feel that we are doing something good for the natural world, so that future generations can see the landscape in which we live today.


Decorative wall panels by FORM AT WOOD already excite the senses of thousands of good taste lovers and inspire the interior architects across the world. However, we are not planning to slow down the pace, and our mission is invariably the desire to create and make wood products which enrich the interiors and aesthetic sensations of our Clients.

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