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Become Form At Wood partner

We invite to the cooperation the saloons and shops with exclusive materials for interior design, sales representatives in the design area, as well as all the companies which are interested in selling decorative wooden panels FORM AT WOOD.

Our 3D panels is an exclusive and unique product (registered industrial designs for particular models). Exceptional wall decors FAW are becoming a more desired product in the modern design world, and will help you keep the saloon’s/shop’s prestige at the highest level, and achieve success in business.

If you are interested in establishing effective cooperation with FORM AT WOOD – a company producing wooden panels for wall or furniture decors – contact us now to discuss details.

FORM AT WOOD. Oportunity to grow your business.

The FAW product distribution network is gradually expanding and now it is co-created by several dozens of companies throughout Europe. However, it is FORM AT WOOD’s great ambition and goal to create a global sales network – through establishing partnerships with companies around the world. We believe that designer wooden panels FAW and endless possibilities in terms of arrangements with these universal products constitute a great sales potential. Especially because a number of people who value high quality, original style, functionality and ecological product is still increasing. All of these values are contained in the FORM AT WOOD wall wooden panels.

The idea of the cooperation we offer is the cooperation founded in mutual trust and fair conditions satisfying both sides – in accordance with the win-win principle. We provide FORM AT WOOD partners not only with a unique product of the highest value, but also support in many other fields. We help i.a. in creating an impressive arrangement, prospecting, and gaining clients on the local market, organising periodic product trainings, and also actively supporting in marketing. We provide promotional materials – both in a paper form, and its online version (access to the disc with videos and pictures in HD quality), which will successfully help you sell wooden panels FORM AT WOOD.

Marketing materials for our partners

Our partners receive access to our disk, where we constantly update marketing materials that are available for promotional purposes.

Working with us, you don’t have to waste time and resources to create your materials, because you get everything from us.

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