FORM AT WOOD – Decorations Made Of Natural Materials!

Photo of a man holding a root

One of the foundations of our business and an inseparable part of the FORM AT WOOD brand development is the concern for the natural environment. Due to the fact that the main material used for creating the unique FAW wall panels is wood, we feel responsible for restoring the natural resources of our planet for future generations.

Modern Office Design – 3D Wooden Panels

View of decorative wooden panels on the wall in the office lobby

Entrepreneurs are paying more and more attention to the design of their offices and office spaces. Modern office design requires consideration of several essential aspects, with aesthetics, functionality and prestige playing a key role.

Wooden Wall Panels In The Living Room

View of decorative wooden panels on the wall in a living room

Architects and interior designers are constantly challenging themselves with more and more original and interesting styling of spaces. Some enrich their designs with unique decorations, while others use contrasting arrangements or experiment with colors. Among the solutions that allow you to create an extraordinary living room design are 3D wooden wall panels.

Three-Dimensional Wall Panels And Wood Species

Three unique collections of FORM AT WOOD panels with the option of combining individual models and a wide selection of colours – these are just some elements that will make your wall exceptional.