Wooden panels

Three-dimensional wall panels and wood species

Three unique collections of FORM AT WOOD panels with the option of combining individual models and a wide selection of colours – these are just some elements that will make your wall exceptional. We make our panels from various types of wood, and there is a good reason we focus mainly on oak, American walnut and ash. Pleasant to touch, wooden wall panels add a unique charm and atmosphere...

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Wooden wall panels in the living room

Architects and interior designers compete in making original and interesting styling of home space. One of solutions for creating a unique arrangement of the living room are 3D wooden wall panels. The great variety of forms and colours of three-dimensional wood decors allows you to match the wall decoration to the existing or desired living room interior. If you dream of a cosy and tasteful living room, at the...

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office lobby form at wood slider

Modern office design – 3D wooden panels

Entrepreneurs have been paying increasing attention to the design of their office spaces. A modern office arrangement takes into account several aspects, including aesthetics, functionality and prestige at the forefront. Decorative 3D wooden panels are perfect elements for finishing a representative business room that meets all the assumptions of a well-thought-out interior style. FORM AT WOOD offers a wide range of luxurious wall panels, which combine an effective look...

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FORM AT WOOD is always ECO!

One of the foundations of our business and an inseparable part of the FORM AT WOOD brand development is the concern for the natural environment. Due to the fact that the main material used for creating the unique FAW wall panels is wood, we feel responsible for restoring the natural resources of our planet for future generations. The awareness of the problems faced by our planet and the care...

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