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View of decorative wooden panels in the modern office

Entrepreneurs have been paying increasing attention to the design of their office spaces. A modern office arrangement takes into account several aspects, including aesthetics, functionality and prestige at the forefront. Decorative 3D wooden panels are perfect elements for finishing a representative business room that meets all the assumptions of a well-thought-out interior style. FORM AT WOOD offers a wide range of luxurious wall panels, which combine an effective look with numerous functional values, adding a unique character to the interior.

Elegant and functional office – wooden wall panels in your company

The office is the command centre of any company and a representative space for dealing with customers are handling various business matters. It is also a location of meetings with employees and the main company management processes. Office is a prominent place that has impact on the perception of the entire business, also being used as a work area in which people should feel comfortable for the best efficiency. For this reason, office rooms must be not only elegant, but also functional. In addition, FORM AT WOOD wooden panels are easy to keep spotlessly clean.

Our 3D panels are designed to provide a fascinating visual experience and ensure appropriate acoustics in the interior, which is why we offer a special range of Hexago sound-absorbing panels. FAW wall decors warm up the interior both figuratively and literally, as wood creates a pleasant atmosphere and is a great thermal insulator. Wooden panels also improve the microclimate in your office to make you feel great.

3D wall panels are a trend perfect for the design of residential interiors, but also works well in rooms in a modern company. FORM AT WOOD products allow you to arrange offices effectively and ensure well-being of the people present in them. The rich assortment of FAW panels means an unlimited number of decorative variants and compositions for creating a friendly space and a warm atmosphere. Rely on prestige, original design and excellent comfort with FORM AT WOOD panels!

Luxurious wood panels on the wall – choose effectiveness and prestige!

For a long time, wooden panels were absent because of being associated with the shameful and controversial fascination of the 1980s, i.e. the wainscot poplar at the time. Thanks to the creativity of architects and modern CNC technology, capable of implementing even the most sophisticated concepts, wall panels have made their return and set fashionable trends in interior design.

Luxury 3D wooden panels of the FORM AT WOOD brand look quite impressive, and at the same time are a symbol of prestige, innovation and creativity as well as an expression of environmental awareness. All these values are now the attributes of a modern company, which is why eye-catching FAW wooden wall panels are an excellent choice when designing a modern office or study.

Wooden decors in your office – interesting inspirations

The FORM AT WOOD range includes collections of 3D panels based on symmetrical and asymmetrical geometry (EDGE) and inspired by organic forms of nature (SMOOTH). The series of 2D decors in the shape of a square, diamond and equilateral triangle (FLAT) gives you the opportunity to diversify and tone down spatial compositions. Your imagination combined with many inspirations available on our website will help you create a captivating and unconventional decoration in the office.

The smooth FLAT panels allow you to enrich the wall decoration, but also to establish a surface for displaying the company logo or name. You can easily match FORM AT WOOD panels to wooden furniture, and they are also perfectly suitable for stone, concrete, plaster, glass and metallized office equipment. Decorative wood panels go wonderfully with nature, so you can successfully surround them with flowers or make a green wall made of forest moss…

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