What are Form at Wood wall panels made of?

Form at Wood wall panels are made of a two-layer material, consisting of solid wood and waterproof plywood. Each panel has an unique woodgrain thanks to its natural origin. All panels are made of the highest quality materials from European sustainable forestry. The basic species from which the panels are produced is European oak. An alternative species is American walnut and other exotic species that can be made to order. All panels are finished with hard wax oil.

How are Form at Wood panels made?

Wall panels are manufactured based on modern computer technology, which ensures precise processing and the highest quality of workmanship. Each panel is pre-prepared and then hand-finished by carpenters who take care of the quality of the product with the greatest care.

What does the Form at Wood collection consist of?

Standard collection is divided into 2 main series: EDGE and SMOOTH. EDGE series characterize in striking edges, unlike the SMOOTH series, which presents smooth, organic shapes. We offer also FLAT series which can complement three-dimensional wall panels, adding many arrangement possibilities.

What is the size of the panels and how many panels make up 1 m2?

All panels from the Form at Wood offer, regardless of their shape, have a side length of 25 cm. The number of panels per 1m2 depends on the shape and ranges from 16 to 38 pieces. Detailed information on the weight and dimensions of each model is available in the product catalog.

Are there places where Form at wood panels cannot be mounted?

Wall panels should not be used outdoors or in rooms with high humidity or constant contact with water and steam. If the panels are to be used, for example in bathrooms, it is possible to apply an additional wood protection coating. A given case should be consulted with our specialists.

Can I get 3d models and textures?

Yes, if you need design tools – contact us, we will try to provide you with all the materials that will facilitate your work.

Do Form At Wood panels have acoustic properties?

The basic version of the panels has sound-dispersing properties thanks to the inclined planes. Sound-absorbing acoustic panels are under development and will soon be available in our offer.

Are there other colors available?

Yes. We offer 5 basic oak staining, which you can find on our color card. If You want to do special staining on request – contact us via e-mail: info@formatwood.com


How to install Form at wood panels on the wall?

The assembly is very simple and does not require any special tools or assembly systems. You
can download the installation manual or watch instructional video below.




Our production is based on projects, however we have some quantities in reserve in standard natural finish.

How can I get an offer and order?

Contact us at info@formatwood.com and request a quote. We will help you estimate the number of panels you need and advise you in choosing the model and color.


There is no minimum order quantity.

What is the standard production time?

Standard production time is approximately 2-3 weeks. For larger orders, the execution time depends on the current production occupancy.


Advance payment in the amount of 50% o f the order value, the remaining 50%
before shipment.


How are the wall panels packed and shipped?

The wall panels are shipped in 1m2 cardboard boxes. If the order is made of several square meters, it is done on euro pallets.

What is your shipping policy?

We have Ex Works shipping policy, however each order is set individually and we can help with all arrangements. The buyer bears the shipping costs.


Can I get a physical sample?

Yes, if you need one please contact us on info@formatwood.com for a quotation.

Is it possible to make custom size panels?

We only produce panels in the sizes that we offer in the catalog. The panels were designed with the best technological and visual properties in mind.