Product series Form At Wood – features and differences

A common question we get from you is what are the differences between the EDGE, SMOOTH and FLAT series?

Today we would like to dispel all doubts and tell you briefly about each series and what it is characterized by. Our standard collection is divided into three main series:

EDGE, which includes models: PYRAMID, DIAMOND, PILLOW;
SMOOTH, which includes models: CARO PLUS and CARO MINUS;
FLAT, which includes models: TRIANGLE, CARO, SQUARE.

Let’s start with the FLAT series. As the name suggests, these are flat panels that are a perfect complement to three-dimensional panels. Creating a composition containing both flat and three-dimensional panels allows you to emphasize three-dimensional shapes in your interiors, which makes the effect phenomenal. Each panel has a different grammage, and more detailed information can be found in the FLAT series tab.

The two main product lines we offer are the EDGE series and the SMOOTH series. Both series including three-dimensional panels. The difference between the EDGE series and the SMOOTH series is the shape and finish of the panels. EDGE series panel surface characterizes by striking edges, unlike the SMOOTH series, which presents smooth, organic shapes. The EDGE series panels have a geometric form, while the surface of the SMOOTH series is soft and delicate. Both series were designed according to our idea – designed to touch.

All panel models, regardless of the series, have a side length of 25 cm. Each series has its beauty and hidden values that will surely warm your interiors, and unusual shapes will give them additional charm.