CARO MINUS panels are characterised by their soft form and organic design, dominated by soft protrusions. The three-dimensional front of the CARO MINUS panel, which is placed on an equilateral rhombus field, is reminiscent of a seaside dune or a gentle wave washing up on a beach. For this reason, CARO MINUS decorations are a perfect match for both nautical style interiors and modern arrangements inspired by water.

The CARO MINUS model has a single axis of symmetry, thanks to which interiors exude calm, positive energy, create a good mood and improve well-being. In order to enrich the décor, you can combine the panels with the CARO PLUS model or reach for an additional flat counterpart in the form of the CARO décor (FLAT collection).

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    Wooden panel


    • panel with an equilateral rhombus profile
    • one-sided symmetry
    • soft, delicate form
    • variety of arrangements in many spatial effects
    • possibility to connect with CARO MINUS


    • thickness: 30mm
    • material: engineered plywood + wood
    • wood type: oak / american walnut
    • finish: satin oil
    • side width: 25cm
    • weight: 800g
    • 1m2 = 19pcs
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