Wooden panels – Caro Plus

CARO PLUS panels ensure that each room decorated with them will gain distinctiveness and style. The three-dimensional CARO PLUS panel is set on a rhombus-shaped base. The original geometric form is a unique arrangement of subtly emphasised planes, reminiscent of fish scales or desert dunes. The one-sided symmetry and delicate form ensure that the CARO PLUS decorations bring tranquillity and harmony to the interior and make it easier to focus.

They are ideally suited to both modern and more classically furnished interiors. The unique combination of geometry, symmetry and subtle curved lines offers architects and interior designers a wide range of design options. If you would like to add variety to your wall décor with CARO PLUS panels, you can also use their flat counterpart – the CARO décor from the FLAT series and/or the CARO MINUS panels.

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    Wooden panel


    • panel with an equilateral rhombus profile
    • one-sided symmetry
    • soft, delicate form
    • variety of arrangements in many spatial effects
    • possibility to connect with CARO MINUS


    • thickness: 30mm
    • material: engineered plywood + wood
    • wood type: oak / american walnut
    • finish: satin oil
    • side width: 25cm
    • weight: 800g
    • 1m2 = 19pcs
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