Wooden panels – Diamond

The DIAMOND panel is characterised by a symmetrical three-dimensional form reminiscent of a diamond, i.e. a polished diamond, which is set on an equilateral rhombus plan. The many planes that make up the front of the panel – perfectly disperse sound and refract the light falling on them, creating stunning visual effects. Wall decorations based on DIAMOND panels enhance the spatial effect and exude timeless elegance.

The symmetrical design influences the subconscious. DIAMOND wood panels create an impression of cosiness, comfort, tranquillity and harmony. DIAMOND wood panels go perfectly with modern interiors and styling based on geometric motifs. A flat counterpart to the DIAMOND décor is the CARO panel (FLAT series), with which you can create truly magical compositions.

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    Wooden panels diamond


    • panel with an equilateral rhombus profile
    • geometric diamond-like form
    • many surfaces that refract light and disperse sound
    • variety of visual effects
    • the effect of spaciousness combined with elegance and simplicity
    • counterpart – panel CARO FLAT


    • thickness: 30mm
    • material: engineered plywood + wood
    • wood type: oak / american walnut
    • finish: satin oil
    • side width: 25cm
    • weight: 800g
    • 1m2 = 19pcs
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