Wooden acoustic panel – HEXAGO CM-A

HEXAGO CM-A soundproof panels are innovative elements for interior design, providing both excellent acoustics and a modern interior design. The panels were designed by eminent specialists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the best architects from FORM AT WOOD. They are characterised by the highest level of sound absorption (Class A) and a striking organic design. The HEXAGO CM-A panel is shaped like a regular hexagon, and the oak front of the panel has a gentle protrusion. The recess in the middle, together with the clever perforation, create a spectacular ‘star effect’.

HEXAGO CM-A guarantees sound absorption in accordance with EN ISO 11654, making it suitable for use in facilities such as auditoriums and conference rooms, recording studios, listening rooms or private media rooms. The functional HEXAGO CM-A panels in combination with other models, such as CARO MINUS or CARO – offer an even greater spectrum of possible design projects.


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    Wooden acoustic panel – HEXAGO CM-A


    • highest sound absorption class A (EN ISO 11654)
    • suitable for all rooms where acoustics is essential
    • recording studios, private listening rooms, conference
      and auditoria rooms, office spaces, hotel lobbies
      and other public-access spaces
    • broadband reverberation reduction and speech
      transmission enhancement in the full frequency
    • can be mixed with HEXAGO CM-D and eco-friendly and recyclable materials such as PET fiberboards 

    • compact modular hexagonal construction, side length 250mm, thickness 92mm 

    • wood type: oak 

    • finish: satin oil / varnish 

    • weight: 4,0kg 

    Axonometry – HEXAGO CMA

    Diagram – HEXAGO CMA

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    For home

    FORM AT WOOD panels are perfect for residential projects for a simple reason. The natural character of wood warms the interior and gives a sense of comfort and a healthy atmosphere. Each of us would also like to make our space special and very personal.

    For office

    Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their workplace, which quite often looks boring and cold. FORM AT WOOD panels are a great way to add warmth, prestige and a creative spirit to your office. Ecological materials will also contribute to the warming of the company’s image.

    For restaurant

    A healthy lifestyle and food are one of the most important trends nowadays. Eating and spending time in a natural environment promotes a good customer experience. Wood has always been a good companion for a meal.

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