Wooden acoustic panel – HEXAGO PA

The HEXAGO PA sound absorbing panel offers innovative technology combined with a remarkable design. HEXAGO PA is the result of close cooperation between specialists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and FORM AT WOOD. The hexagonal shape, impressive three-dimensional front and precise perforation on almost its entire surface – guarantee the best sound absorption parameters and fascinating design of any interior.

HEXAGO PA oak acoustic panels have the highest sound absorption class A, in accordance with EN ISO 11654, which also provides broadband reverberation reduction and improved speech transmission. HEXAGO PA is a product that is primarily intended for arrangements in areas where perfect acoustics are of particular importance (e.g. recording studios, listening rooms or auditoriums). HEXAGO PA can be combined with other models such as TRIANGLE or CARO.

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    Wooden acoustic panel – HEXAGO PA


    • highest sound absorption class A (EN ISO 11654)

    • broadband reverberation reduction and speech transmission enhancement in the full frequency range 

    • suitable for all rooms where acoustics is essential – recording studios, private listening rooms, conference and auditoria rooms, and others

    • can be mixed with eco-friendly and recyclable material such as PET fiberboards and fiberglass 

    • compact modular hexagonal construction, side length 250mm, thickness 87mm 

    • wood type: oak 

    • finish: satin oil / varnish 

    • weight: 3,6kg 

    Axonometry – HEXAGO PA


    Diagram – HEXAGO PA

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