The PYRAMID model is a wood panel with an equilateral triangle profile and a 3D geometric form in the form of three planes that are refracted at different angles to form an asymmetrical pyramid. The original design and the edges of the solid highlighted on the front of the panel – perfectly fit into modern spaces maintained in a minimalist style.
The lack of symmetry makes decorations with PYRAMID panels help to personalise the interior and make the whole space dynamic. PYRAMID designer decors catch the eye, bring life to a room, stimulate the senses and imagination and symbolise creativity. A flat counterpart to the PYRAMID panels is the TRIANGLE décor from the FLAT collection.

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    Wooden panel triangle – Pyramid


    • panel with an equilateral triangle profile
    • no symmetry, the surface is refracted at three different angles
    • minimalistic design
    • geometric form that perfectly matches modern interiors
    • arrangement in the form of a pattern as well as the entire wall
    • counterpart – panel TRIANGLE FLAT


    • thickness: 25mm
    • material: engineered plywood + wood
    • wood type: oak / american walnut
    • finish: satin oil
    • side width: 25cm
    • weight: 350g
    • 1m2 = 38pcs

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    For home

    FORM AT WOOD panels are perfect for residential projects for a simple reason. The natural character of wood warms the interior and gives a sense of comfort and a healthy atmosphere. Each of us would also like to make our space special and very personal.

    For office

    Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their workplace, which quite often looks boring and cold. FORM AT WOOD panels are a great way to add warmth, prestige and a creative spirit to your office. Ecological materials will also contribute to the warming of the company’s image.

    For restaurant

    A healthy lifestyle and food are one of the most important trends nowadays. Eating and spending time in a natural environment promotes a good customer experience. Wood has always been a good companion for a meal.

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