Wooden acoustic panels

Made of high-quality wood, they offer a variety of patterns, colors and types of wood, thanks to which they will perfectly match your style. Discover unusual arrangement possibilities and add warmth and unique charm to your spaces.

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Hexago series

Wooden acoustic panels signed by the FORM AT WOOD brand – are a unique combination of exceptional aesthetics and original design with sound absorption function. The series of innovative HEXAGO acoustic panels was created in close cooperation with specialists from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

The result of this cooperation are high-quality soundproofing panels, available in our offer in the following models: HEXAGO CM-D, HEXAGO P-A and HEXAGO CM-A. At the moment, we offer acoustic panels with sound absorption class A and D.

The HEXAGO collection is FAW’s response to market demand for a product that meets stringent standards and building code requirements for interior acoustics, while also featuring a remarkable design. The compact and modular construction in the shape of a regular hexagon is topped off with an impressively shaped wooden and partially perforated front. The proprietary design and innovative technology that characterise HEXAGO acoustic panels are protected by a patent.

Our hexagonal-shaped acoustic wall decors – effectively reduce reverberation and improve sound transmission in any room. They are designed for interiors where acoustics are of particular importance. The sound-absorbing wall panels are ideal for use in offices, conference rooms, recording studios, listening rooms or private media rooms (e.g. home cinema, game room).

Wooden acoustic panels – designed to absorb

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FORM AT WOOD acoustic product catalog showcases a complete range of acoustic panels and provides useful examples of how they can be used. Each panel is described in detail, highlighting factors such as color, features, and even showcasing graphs of their acoustic properties, which have been verified through R&D project.

Whether you lean towards traditional or modern designs, our catalog presents a broad range of options for you to explore. With the information provided, you can easily find the ideal acoustic panel to enhance the ambiance of your desired space, whether it’s your home, office, or any other area you have in mind.

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