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One of the foundations of our business and an inseparable part of the FORM AT WOOD brand development is the concern for the natural environment. Due to the fact that the main material used for creating the unique FAW wall panels is wood, we feel responsible for restoring the natural resources of our planet for future generations. The awareness of the problems faced by our planet and the care for nature can be seen on many levels of FORM AT WOOD’s activity. We hope that our actions will inspire all those mindful of environmental aspects, as each of us has a chance to repay the Earth for its riches…


We obtain wood as part of responsible forest management

We produce FORM AT WOOD brand wooden wall panels in accordance with sustainable development, so as to protect and restore the natural resources of the planet. The key element of this type of activity is acquiring wood only from FSC-certified entities, which proves they conduct sustainable forest management with consideration to ecological, economic and social aspects.

Sustainable forest management focuses on harvesting wood with an emphasis on restoring natural resources and protecting biodiversity. Avoiding over-exploitation, FSC certificate holders contribute to the faster planting of new trees rather than to their felling, so they do not initiate the deforestation process.

Environmental awareness and care for nature in FORM AT WOOD, meaning 3 x ECO

Being aware that the basic material for the production of FAW wall panels is wood, which has a negative CO2 balance, we make efforts to manage our operations responsibly. We attach great importance not only to the source of wood, but also to the production technology and product quality. The FORM AT WOOD team also cares about everyday activity and lifestyle aimed at respecting the natural environment.

By working with local manufacturers of furniture and floors, we often use production waste and every piece of processed wood. Our manufacturing process is based on thoughtful optimisation and selection of wood in line with the zero waste idea, which we treat not as a fashionable trend, but conscious protection of the environment. We use modern and innovative technology for high efficiency and relatively low energy consumption, but most of our production stages are carried out manually.

FAW products are characterised by good durability and timeless design, thanks to which we do not generate high demand for new wall decorations. All raw materials and ingredients we use in the production process are of natural origin and fully biodegradable.

The FORM AT WOOD team regularly supports various pro-environmental initiatives, also initiating and engaging in activities to the benefit of the nature around us. Examples of FAW’s ecological sensitivity include our tree planting campaign. Our activity might be just a drop in the ocean, but we strongly believe that our actions can inspire many people who already have an actual impact on the condition of the environment.

When you buy FAW wooden panels, you choose ELEGANCE, ECONOMY and ECOLOGY, which is important to all of us.

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