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Nowadays, more and more attention is being paid to the materials used in everyday life. Restaurants are replacing plastic tubes with those made of paper, plastic bottles are being recycled, and reusable cloth bags are becoming increasingly popular for shopping.

Also, out of concern for the environment, we are beginning to pay attention to the resources used to make products to decorate our homes. We are using natural materials, such as wood, more often. For this reason, natural materials in interior design are also gaining popularity.

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Concern for the environment is an integral part of our approach at FORM AT WOOD. By using wood as the main raw material for our wall panels, we take care of the ecological balance of our business and are committed to preserving natural resources.

Our work focuses on sourcing wood only from FSC-certified suppliers, ensuring that our wood comes from sustainable, responsible forest management sources.

We are committed to a sustainable approach to utilizing wood, aiming to plant new trees more often than we cut them down.

We pay attention not only to the source of the raw material, but also to the production process, using modern technologies while minimizing energy consumption. We also cooperate with local furniture and flooring manufacturers, using post-production waste, and carefully select materials in line with the idea of zero waste.

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Wooden wall panels are characterized by their durability and unique design, which reduces the need to continuously produce new decorations. We strive to ensure that all the raw materials we use are natural and biodegradable, in an effort to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations.

We are constantly involved in various environmental initiatives and organize campaigns to protect the nature. By acting in this way, we believe that our work will inspire others to take actions that have a positive impact on the planet.

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By choosing FORM AT WOOD wooden wall panels, you are not only betting on elegance and aesthetics, but above all you are supporting the idea of ecology and concern for the environment.

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