View of decorative wooden panels on the wall in a living room

Architects and interior designers compete in making original and interesting styling of home space. One of solutions for creating a unique arrangement of the living room are 3D wooden wall panels. The great variety of forms and colours of three-dimensional wood decors allows you to match the wall decoration to the existing or desired living room interior. If you dream of a cosy and tasteful living room, at the same time wanting to enjoy unique aesthetics, a fashionable effect and a great mood for many years, try FORM AT WOOD decorative wall panels. Natural wood wall decors are proudly entering the living rooms!

3D wooden wall panels – the (r)evolution in your living room

Classic wall decorations in the form of wallpapers or paint coatings are slowly becoming obsolete, being replaced by intriguing arrangements based on natural materials, such as 3D wooden wall panels. Distinct wooden decors on the living room wall give the interior a fascinating effect that can satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Outstanding forms and the magic of spatial geometry on the wall will delight household users as well as attract the attention of guests.

FORM AT WOOD 3D wooden wall panels are a real (r)evolution in the living room! A huge palette of patterns, shapes, types of wood and available colours is an endless source of inspiration and ways to effectively arrange your living room space. Thanks to FAW decors, you can now easily create a magnificent and stylish living room that will radiate warmth and make you feel special.

Installation of wooden panels on the wall will not cause you any difficulties, and the uniform lengths of sides in individual models and collections will allow you to create the most sophisticated compositions. With FORM AT WOOD panels, you are only limited by your imagination…

Why are wooden wall decors a great solution for your living room?

Wooden wall decors in the living room guarantee a cosy relaxation area, giving the room a distinct and natural look. In addition to great visual qualities, warmth and mesmerizing depth effect, our 3D wall panels made of ash, American walnut or oak wood are very functional. FAW wooden panels are more resistant to mechanical damage than wall cladding made of plaster/decorative concrete or other cheap imitations.

Appropriate impregnation effectively protects the panels against the adverse effects of moisture, ultraviolet radiation and intense sunlight. A major advantage of FORM AT WOOD wooden products are also excellent acoustic properties and thermal insulation. Natural solid wood panels are also perfect for adjusting the humidity level in the interior, so you can always enjoy a great microclimate and fantastic mood in your living room.

Decorative panels will help you cover any imperfections on the wall, while their unique structure, natural discolouration and wood graining will make them stand out from other finishing materials. Wooden decorations based on FAW products are ideal for being coated, so you can easily and quickly change the living room design.

Decorating walls in the living room with FORM AT WOOD wooden panels

Our range of products consists of three collections, each refined to the smallest detail, so that it is a pure pleasure to decorate the living room walls with FORM AT WOOD panels! With a wide selection of decors, you can create various decorative compositions. They will satisfy lovers of fancy geometric patterns, amateurs of subtle and organic shapes, fans of classic decorations as well as people who enjoy mixing different styles. Interior architects usually decide to install FAW wooden panels in the living room on one central wall, above a lounge suite or near a multimedia area (with a TV set), for example.


We should bear in mind the FAW 3D wall panels perfectly go with other furnishings made of natural materials, such as concrete, brick, stone, plaster, glass, metal and, of course, wood. Although we do not recommend installing panels without adequate protection in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace, FORM AT WOOD products look fantastic against the light of natural fire. Wooden decors also work well with potted flowers. It can be a nice idea to enhance the wall composition with LED strips. Interestingly, 3D panels can be installed not only on the wall, but also on the ceiling, furniture or doors, which provides much more options of living room arrangements.

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