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We take great pleasure in collaborating with interior designers, creating remarkable and inspiring interiors that leave a lasting impact.

We offer a wide range of customizable wooden panels that can be tailored to fit any design concept or aesthetic.

We support designers in their work

Are you an architect or an interior designer seeking new inspirations and products that will impress even the most demanding clients? FORM AT WOOD wooden panels could be a good option. In our collaboration, we are doing our best to provide you with all necessary materials like 3D models, product samples, and assistance at every step of the project.

If you’re interested in learning more about the details or getting to know us better, we warmly invite you to reach out to us to discuss more possibilities.

The wooden panels by FORM AT WOOD are meant to inspire and unleash your creativity and feelings. They involve all your senses and come with various advantages. With a diverse selection of patterns and colors, these panels open up endless possibilities for design enthusiasts who appreciate modern trends and aspire to create innovative solutions.

Create your own unique composition

FORM AT WOOD panels offer endless opportunities for designers to create one-of-a-kind designs. You can mix flat 2D panels with dynamic 3D panels or choose to use only one type and play around with different colors and finishes.

Combining 2D and 3D shapes in any proportions give designer and client the opportunity to customize a composition that will be attractive to the project – both visually and in terms of budget.

View of composition consisting entirely of 3D panels
100% 3d panels
View of composition consisting of the same number of 2D and 3D panels

50% 3d panels
50% 2d panels

View of composition consisting mostly of 2D panels

20% 3d panels
80% 3d panels

View of composition consisting entirely of 2D panels

100% 2d panels

Photo of a box containing a sample

    Do you need more materials?

    We recognize the significance of familiarizing yourself with the product. Just fill out the form, and our team will assist you in receiving samples of our panels, 3D models, or project review. These resources offer you the chance to personally experience the exceptional quality and distinctive nature of our handmade products.
    Take a moment to explore and let yourself be enchanted!


    Wooden panels – best choice to make your project unique


    Wooden panels are incredibly versatile when it comes to finishing and exploring different wood treatments, thanks to their rich tannin content. By employing hardwax oils, it is possible to achieve a diverse range of colors when dyeing the panels, all while preserving the inherent charm of the wood grain.


    Varnishing panels is an excellent method to achieve a desired decorative color. We offer a wide range of colors from the complete RAL palette, allowing us to create panels that perfectly match your requirements and the intended style of the room. What’s fascinating is that even when the panels are completely coated with the chosen varnish color, you can still appreciate clear view of the beauty structure of natural wood.

    Wood species

    We provide a diverse selection of panels made from three unique wood varieties: oak, ash, and American walnut. Whether you prefer the classic and timeless oak, the light and refined ash, or noble American walnut, we strive to cater to all wood enthusiasts, ensuring there is a perfect option for everyone.

    Benefits by choosing our products

    Photo of installation processes for wooden panels

    Easy to install


    Installing FORM AT WOOD panels is very simple. Glue each element directly to the wall, just like arranging puzzle pieces.

    Photo of one of the production processes of wooden panels


    Our team controls every stage of a multi-step, handcrafting process.
    Photo of a man holding a root


    We practice eco-friendly production, returning to nature what we take from it.
    View of decorative wooden panels on the wall


    Thanks to the variety of products and their variants, you can be sure that you will find the solution perfectly tailored to your needs.


    We work with a diverse range of customers, including individuals seeking to enhance their interiors, interior designers and architects looking for unique additions to their projects, businesses seeking to create impressive workspaces that leave a lasting impact on their customers and Partners representing the FORM AT WOOD brand globally.

    Our collaboration extends to enthusiasts of original design and wood lovers who value the natural touch we bring.

    01. Discuss needs

    The first step of our cooperation is a conversation with the client, during which we discuss expectations, needs and goals in detail in order to precisely match our offer to individual requirements.


    Development of proposals: Based on the collected information, we develop an individual proposal tailored to the client’s needs, taking into account personal preferences and planned budget.


    We work closely with you to complete your project. Our team offers comprehensive support throughout every stage of the process, ensuring efficient communication and a memorable experience.

    Where you can use wooden panels

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