Professional wooden acoustic panels, part of the latest HEXAGO PROFESSIONAL series, are a harmony of unparalleled aesthetics, exceptional design and the ability to effectively dampen sound with the unique ability to control the sound absorption parameter of the room.

This innovative and brand new line of HEXAGO acoustic panels not only offers a unique design, but also allows you to control the acoustics of your interior. Developed in cooperation with experts from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the Institute of Building Technology in Warsaw, as part of the ” Bon for Innovations” research project, this series represents the latest developments in acoustic solutions that allow control of room acoustics.

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Product details

HEXAGO P-AS from the HEXAGO PROFESSIONAL series is a revolutionary acoustic panel that sets a new standard with its innovative technology for regulating the parameters of interior acoustics. This unique product, developed as a result of close cooperation between experts from the AGH, ITB, and FORM AT WOOD research institutes, is characterized not only by its extraordinary design but also by its advanced capabilities for manipulating room acoustics.

Hexagonal shape, impressive three-dimensional front and precise perforation on almost the entire surface, replaceable overlays are just some of the features that guarantee excellent sound absorption parameters and intriguing design, ideal for a variety of interiors and applications.

HEXAGO P-AS acoustic panels, made of oak wood, have the highest sound absorption class A, with the possibility of changing to class C and D, according to EN ISO 11654. The highest absorption class provides not only broadband reverberation reduction, but also better speech transmission. Variable acoustic panels may be of interest to those looking for advanced acoustic solutions, as well as a variety of institutions – especially recording studios, concert halls and theaters, but also auditoriums and conference rooms are ideal locations for these panels, where acoustic control is crucial for excellent sound quality.

Available oak colors

View of oak color 1
View of oak color 2
View of oak color 3
View of oak color 4
View of oak color 5
view of wooden texture oak
Photo of card of acoustic wooden panels

Product features

  • highest sound absorption class A, with the possibility of changing to class C and class D (EN ISO 11654)
  • broadband reverberation reduction and speech transmission enhancement over the full frequency range, along with the ability to customize the parameter to the room
  • suitable for all professional rooms where acoustics is essential 
  • easy exchange of overlays thanks to integrated magnets and intuitive instructions
  • quick and easy DIY installation thanks to integrated hangers and mounting kit
  • compact modular hexagonal construction, dimensions: 432 mm (17.0″) x 500 mm (19.7″), thickness 87 mm (3.4″)
  • wood type: oak
  • finish: hard wax oil / varnish
  • set includes panel with perforated overlays, 4 full replaceable overlays, mounting kit
  • set weight: 5,1 kg


To enhance your understanding of the product and its application, we have prepared extra materials for you. These resources contain comprehensive information about the product, including its specifications, as well as step-by-step instructions for installation.

Axonometry – HEXAGO P-AS

Information about sound absorption and diffusion of a HEXAGO P-A panel

Diagram – HEXAGO P-AS - fully perforated

Information about sound absorption and diffusion of a HEXAGO P-A panel