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In our standard range, wall panels are made of three wood species: European oak, American walnut and ash, which guarantee the highest durability and exceptional decoration design. For projects with a limited budget, we can make cheaper 3D panels on special request, made of pine, alder or beech wood.However, when it comes to these softer types of wood, it should be borne in mind that they are less resistant to mechanical damage, and their structure and colour differ from our catalogue models.CNC technology allows us to process any materials, so we are also able to make smooth MDF panels on individual request.

The panel finish depends on several factors, such as the coating technology (oiling, varnishing), the specificity of wood and individual customer preferences. FORM AT WOOD offers a huge range of options in this regard, so that everyone can easily match wooden wall panels to the desired interior design.

Thanks to their high tannin content, oak panels provide a lot of options for finishing and experimenting with wood. This means oak can be dyed in various colours while maintaining the natural appearance of its grain. In the case of oak panels, we use various dyes, stains, decorative oils and varnishes.

As for American walnut panels, a colourless varnish or oil finish works best here. This method can preserve and expose the natural qualities of the noble American walnut, such as the unique grain structure and dark colour.

On the other hand, ash panels are ideal for full-colour varnishing for more interior styling variants, without hiding its natural character and grain layout of this beautiful wood.

Oiling or varnishing is the final stage in the FAW panel production. However, if you are interested in raw wood panels, we are perfectly capable of delivering wall decors without varnish or oil finish. We also offer fire retardant finish, described further in the FAQ.

Oil penetrates the panel structure and makes it impregnated from the inside, while varnishing creates a coating on the wood surface. Oil does not deprive the panels of their “breathing” properties, and it emphasises the natural colour and grain of the wood. Varnished panels come in a more intense colour, but they do not mask the natural structure of the wood. Wider range of colours is available for varnishing, while the panels not only become more resistant to damage and air humidity, but are also easier to keep clean.

A huge selection of high-quality oils from renowned manufacturers, such as Osmo, Ciranova and Oddies Oil, means a wide range of colours for easy adjustment of panel finish to the planned design. To precisely match the panel colour to the existing or desired interior design, you can select a specific colour number, indicate the oil manufacturer or send us a sample of a wooden floor or a photo of furniture. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance for us, so we make every effort to ensure that the oiled wall panels go wonderfully with your dream decoration.

Panel varnishing is the best way to achieve a specific decoration colour. With a full RAL palette at your disposal, we can create panels that perfectly match your needs and the planned style of the room. What is interesting, panels fully coated with the selected varnish colour do not prevent you from enjoying a clear view of the unique structure of natural wood.

Regardless of the collection and shape (triangle, diamond or square base), the sides of all panels are 25 cm long. The uniform dimensions of sides allow you to freely combine, experiment and compose unique decorations, which was one of the assumptions of FORM AT WOOD designers. The exact dimensions of the panels inscribed in the rectangle are as follows:

  • equilateral triangle profile panel: 25 cm x 21.7 cm,
  • diamond profile panel: 37.5 cm x 21.7 cm,
  • square profile panel: 25 cm x 25 cm.

As for thickness, the structural layer (plywood) is 12 mm, while the decorative solid wood section ranges from 2.5 mm to 19 mm (depending on the series/model). The total thickness of panels for individual products is:

  • Triangle, Caro, Square –14.5 mm,
  • Pyramid – 25 mm,
  • Diamond, Pillow, Caro Plus, Caro Minus – 29 mm.

The satisfaction of our customers is essential for us, which is why we are open to custom projects (new pattern, different profile dimensions or thickness). We can modify the available patterns or design a completely new panel model in accordance with the FAW technology. Remember that designing a pattern entails a costly and time-consuming implementation process, including tests and prototyping. This means that the implementation of a new design must be justified by the size of the order or participation in the prototyping costs.

We manufacture panels in a two-layer structure. The panel structure and base is made of waterproof birch plywood, whose main purpose is to reduce the risk of wood deformation, e.g. caused by changes in air humidity. The top layer of panels is a solid wood plank, which has a decorative function. Both layers are joined together with wood glue to form a coherent material, with its upper part profiled using CNC to give the panel the desired shape.

The EDGE, SMOOTH and FLAT panels act as diffusers, meaning they have only sound diffusing properties. Sound-absorbing panels can be found in the HEXAGO collection of designer wall decors available in absorption class D and A, and soon also in B and C standards.

In the standard range, the panels are finished with a decorative coating (hard oil wax) without fireproof properties (rating D-s2, d2). However, to meet the requirements for materials used mainly in public space, we can secure our panels with a special fire-resistant coating in a wide selection of RAL colours. We offer Ciranova UN1CO oil or Hasse MEGA-PUR varnish, which ensure fire rating B-s1, d0. When ordering fireproof panels, you should expect a slightly longer lead time and a higher price.

Wood is a natural regulator of indoor air humidity. The “breathing” properties of wood mean that it absorbs moisture from the environment, and when process is reverse when the room is too dry. This unique property makes the wooden furniture, floor or FORM AT WOOD panels useful in maintaining optimal air humidity in the interior and ensuring the well-being of its users.

The microclimate regulation in rooms with dynamic changes in humidity involves successive swelling and shrinkage of wooden elements, which in turn can lead to distortions and deformations. In the case of FAW panels, we have minimised the risk of profile deformation and deteriorating aesthetics by using waterproof structural plywood. Thanks to this, FORM AT WOOD panels allow you to enjoy good health and elegant design for many years.

The major difference between EDGE and SMOOTH lies in their visual aspects. The names of the series reflect the character and design of respective decor models. The EDGE collection features a geometric form that emphasises the edges of adjacent planes. On the other hand, the SMOOTH series will satisfy those who appreciate more subtle and smooth arrangements with its organic and nature-inspired shapes.

Decorative panels made of wood can be easily cut to size. A miter saw or other precise cutting tools for wooden elements are perfect for this purpose. If you do not have such equipment or you are concerned about damaging the decors, let us know and we will cut the panels according to your guidelines.

The panel base is made of aesthetic birch plywood of several thin layers of wood, each 1 mm thick. If you want to cover the side and the visible structure of structural plywood, we suggest veneering the panels. This means glueing a thin layer of wood (veneer) to the side edge of the panel. Because of the additional cost, we suggest veneering only on the visible edges of outer panels in the decoration.

Alternatively, you can use traditional finishing trims of wood or other material, coat the edges or install LED stripes around the wall decoration for enriched visual effect. A slightly more demanding option is the installation of decorations in a specially prepared recess of 12-14 mm, making the entire composition is flush with the wall surface.

Definitely! FAW panels are universal decors that can be successfully installed on virtually any straight/smooth surface, such as a wall, floor, ceiling, etc. Therefore, our wooden panels will also be perfect as furniture or bar fronts, and door decorations.

At the Customer’s request, we can prepare technical drawings and simplified visualisations of decorations based on our 3D panels; however, that they do not fully reflect the final effect. Still, our technical documentation, visualisations and models are sufficient illustrative material for an interior designer or architect, who can certainly use them for preparing a professional 3D presentation. We provide materials in .dwg, .3ds, .skp, .obj, .dxf and any other extensions you need.

Panels on the wall are not very exposed to mechanical damage, being a pleasure to the eye for many years without requiring any special renovation treatments. Nevertheless, if you want to refresh the panels or change the interior design, you can easily renew our wooden products. Agents dedicated to wooden floors are ideal for the regular maintenance of FAW panels. You can re-oil the panels every few years, but remember to gently mat their surface with a high-grade abrasive sponge. The maintenance of FORM AT WOOD panels is not a complicated process, but we can always advise you on how to do it best.

You can see (and even touch) and buy FORM AT WOOD panels almost anywhere around the world through the continuously growing network of our distributors. The current list of FAW partners is available on our website, but feel free to contact us directly for information where you can find FAW panels closest to you. Regardless, you can also order a free sample of a specific model from us, which is free of shipping costs in Poland. If there is no distributor near your location, contact us and we will ensure a quick and efficient delivery of panels to the specified address.

Our price list shows the cost of purchasing 1 m2 of panels, but you can easily buy even 1 piece, as we do not require a minimum order quantity/value. Each product in the catalogue includes the exact number of panels in 1 m2, but you can also contact us directly to determine in detail the quantity necessary to create your desired decoration. Depending on the order size, we ship panels in cardboard boxes or on pallets.

If you are interested in our products and working with us in the sale of FAW products, contact us to establish terms of cooperation that will be mutually beneficial. As our business partner, we can provide you with product samples in several configurations, complete panel templates and support in the preparation of an effective display in your showroom.

In B2B cooperation, our partners can count on very attractive prices of our products. If you are interested in joining the global distribution network of FORM AT WOOD panels and you want to learn the detailed terms of fruitful cooperation – feel free to contact us.

Of course. Architects and interior designers who work with us can expect attractive prices and a beneficial commission system. As the volume of sales increases over time, we will offer you even better terms. With FAW you always benefit!

If you plan to install the panels yourself and/or do not have a precise design for wall decoration, consider ordering a few extra panels for adjustments and cutting. It is assumed that a planned decoration of about 9 m2 should include 5-10% additional panels for easy installation. You can always contact our consultant before placing an order and share your concept of decoration, so that we are able to verify and determine the exact number of panels required.

The purpose of our solutions is to create diverse, even the most sophisticated arrangements, and the only limitation here is… your imagination. If you are planning a colourful decoration with three-dimensional FAW panels, we will be happy to help you! You can order any number of panels of different series, each element in whatever colour you want.

We can deliver our 3D wooden panels to almost any location in the world. A large base of proven and reliable carriers allows us to quickly and safely deliver FAW products to you by land, sea or air. The costs depend on the order size, means of transport and destination, and you can always learn the details by contacting our office. FORM AT WOOD partners cooperate with us through Ex Works (collect shipping) as well as the DAP and door-to-door shipping option.

An average order is completed is 3-4 weeks, but in some cases it might take a shorter or longer time. Keeping in touch with our office allows you to monitor the status of each order on an ongoing basis.

We normally pack products into special cardboard boxes with compartments (1.0-1.5 m2 each), in which the panel corners are additionally secured with rigid cardboard angles. For larger batches of orders, the cardboard boxes are secured on pallets. This guarantees that the panels will arrive undamaged and you will be able to start your project right away.

We usually make decors according to a specific order, as most customers choose personalised solutions available through the varied range of products and colours. We still keep a sufficient stock of panels for finishing for significantly shorter lead times.

A typical price quotation is prepared in EUR, but we also give our Customers the option to make settlements/payments in PLN, USD and GBP, for which we provide dedicated bank accounts:

  • Polish złoty (PLN), account number: 69 1050 1504 1000 0090 8054 6840
  • Euro (EUR), account number: PL 95 1050 1504 1000 0090 8054 6857
  • US dollar (USD), account number: PL 96 1050 1504 1000 0090 8137 2212
  • Pound sterling (GBP), account number: PL 57 1050 1504 1000 0090 8154 8290

BIC / SWIFT for all accounts: INGBPLPW 

Bank transfer is the basic form of payment for FAW products, but we also accept card-based settlements via the link generated in the REVOLUT system. Customers who choose this method should remember that is entails an additional fee of approx. 3% for the operators.

FORM AT WOOD panels mean a sophisticated form and unconventional design, but also a guarantee of easy installation. Wooden decors are affixed with mounting adhesive or other products dedicated to attaching the wood to the wall surface.

Before installing the panels, thoroughly clean the wall surface of any paint coatings, wallpapers and other veneers or loose decorative plaster. Furthermore, the wall should be smooth, free of grease, dried and primed with a deeply penetrating agent. Only after that the surface is ready for attaching the panels. A dense and flexible mounting adhesive should be applied in strips every 5-10 cm, perpendicular to the surface of the panels.

It is best to bring the panels into the room where the decoration will be made about 24-48 hours before the planned installation. This will allow them to “acclimatize” and adapt to the temperature and humidity inside. Bear in mind that pressing the panels against the wall will create a natural ventilation gap, the thickness of which depends on the amount of adhesive used for installation. The distance between the panels and the wall is normally 1 to 3 mm.

FAW products are dedicated only to indoor installation and the warranty does not cover damage caused by using the panels in outdoor conditions. Remember that natural wooden panels are very sensitive to moisture, large temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Exposing the panels to external weather conditions may result in cracks, discolouration and accelerated ageing of the wood.

There is increased air humidity in the bathroom, which must be taken into account when installing FAW wooden panels in it. Such an environment can cause deformation and/or rough areas on the panel surface, as humidity raises the so-called hair of wood. So if you decide to install panels in your bathroom, be sure to coat them with agents with the addition of high-quality resin, which will create a compact and elastic protective coating on the surface.

Also be aware that an efficient and effective ventilation system is important for reducing humidity in the bathroom. The panels should not be installed in the immediate vicinity of a shower cabin or bathtub, where the risk of direct contact with water is too high.

Wooden panels should not come into direct contact with high-temperature surface, so it is not recommended to install them in the vicinity of fireplaces, stoves or even radiators. Installation near this type of heat source may be done when the surface of the panels is properly insulated from the increased temperature, as it could lead to excessive drying and, as a result, deformation of the wood.

The optimal air humidity for wooden panels is 45-60%, while the temperature should be around 18-22°C During winter, wooden panels lose moisture quicker, causing them to shrink and deform. For this reason, the level of humidity and temperature should be monitored on an ongoing basis in rooms containing wooden elements. It should be noted that the microclimate optimal for wood is similar to the conditions in which we feel good and our body functions best.

FORM AT WOOD panels are made only of natural materials, and the wood used for their production is acquired from companies engaged in sustainable forest management, as confirmed by FSC certificates. Timeless design, universal use, functionality and durability – thanks to these qualities our products can be used for many years. By working closely with local manufacturers of wooden furniture and floors we are able to use their production waste. The FAW team is also eager to participate in various pro-environmental campaigns and initiate socially important initiatives, such as tree planting. You will be closer to nature with FORM AT WOOD…

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