Made of high-quality wood, they offer a variety of patterns, colors and types of wood, thanks to which they will perfectly match your style. Discover unusual arrangement possibilities and add warmth and unique charm to your spaces.

Design award 2021
German design award
Photo of a man presenting a wooden panel against a background of wooden panels
Karim Rashid's signature


The concept of bringing the DESIGNER series to life is based on the effect of combining the original visions of independent designers and the technological know-how of the FORM AT WOOD company. 

The result of the cooperation is a unique product series, dedicated to lovers of original style, enthusiasts of applied art signed with the names of contemporary designers, and fans of the highest precision of workmanship and care for even the smallest detail.

The first child of this idea is the IMPRESSIONS model, which awakens the imagination and stimulates all the senses. The unique 3D panel was created in cooperation with a living legend of international design, as the pattern was designed by Karim Rashid himself.

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Our product catalog presents a full collection of wooden decorative panels along with practical examples of their application. It offers detailed descriptions of each panel, including various aspects such as color, shape, characteristics and available finishing options.

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, the catalog offers a wide range of choices. By using the provided information, you can easily discover the ideal wooden panel to enhance the decoration of your home, office, or any other space you desire.

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