Square - wooden panels

The FLAT collection features minimalist 2D wooden decorative panels for wall and floor installation, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

These panels complement three-dimensional compositions created with panels from the 3D EDGE and 3D SMOOTH series, allowing for a combination of 2D and 3D elements. They can also be used independently to create cohesive compositions.

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Product details

The SQUARE wooden panel is the essence of simplicity and elegance and at the same time has a huge potential for effective space styling in combination with other FORM AT WOOD products. As the name suggests, the SQUARE panel has a square profile, which makes it an extremely versatile interior design element. The flat and exceptionally smooth surface of the SQUARE panels is an opportunity to enjoy the captivating view of beautiful wood and its unique grain.

The wide range of colors and different types of wood used in the SQUARE panels guarantee a perfect match with the existing or planned interior design. The flat surface makes it easy to attach additional elements to the panels, such as brackets, logotypes or lighting. SQUARE wall decors combined with their three-dimensional counterparts, the PILLOW panels, are a great way to create a warm, timeless, and striking interior design.

Available oak colors

View of oak color 1
View of oak color 2
View of oak color 3
View of oak color 4
View of oak color 5
view of wooden texture oak
wooden panel square dimensions

Product features

  • square profile panel
  • perfect for residential and commercial spaces
  • universal use – wall, floor
  • the possibility of arrangement in a checkered layout of grains
  • efficiency and ease of assembly thanks to the perpendicular form
  • quick and easy installation DIY
  • 3D equivalent – panel PILLOW and ARCH

Product specification

  • dimensions: 250 mm (9.85″) x 250 mm (9.85″)
  • thickness: 14,5 mm (0.57″)
  • material: engineered plywood 12 mm + solid wood 2,5 mm
  • wood type: oak / american walnut / ash
  • finish: hard wax oil / varnish
  • weight: 650 g/pcs
  • 1 m2 (10.76 ft2) = 16 pcs


To enhance your understanding of the product and its application, we have prepared extra materials for you. These resources contain comprehensive information about the product, including its specifications, as well as step-by-step instructions for installation.


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