Made of high-quality wood, they offer a variety of patterns, colors and types of wood, thanks to which they will perfectly match your style. Discover unusual arrangement possibilities and add warmth and unique charm to your spaces.

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Form at Wood – designed to touch

Edge series

The EDGE wood panel collection offers a wide range of inspirations based on finesse geometric patterns. Three-dimensional forms are created by cutting planes at different angles and accentuating the edges of adjacent surfaces.

Solid wood decors are available with a base/profile of equilateral triangles, rhombuses, and squares with a standard side length of 25 cm, which enables the combination of individual elements and the creation of original compositions.

The EDGE series is best suited to modern interiors in a minimalist style but also works well as a variety in classic interiors. Interesting asymmetrical solids catch the eye, stimulate imagination, are a symbol of creativity, and allow you to emphasize your individual style and express independence.

The EDGE collection is also suitable for those who prefer a symmetrical design, as it includes a panel based on the shape of a polished diamond. Within the EDGE collection, you can choose from PYRAMID, DIAMOND, or PILLOW wall décors, named after their characteristic design.