Caro - wooden panels

The FLAT collection features minimalist 2D wooden decorative panels for wall and floor installation, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

These panels complement three-dimensional compositions created with panels from the 3D EDGE and 3D SMOOTH series, allowing for a combination of 2D and 3D elements. They can also be used independently to create cohesive compositions.

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Product details

CARO is a wooden panel with an equilateral rhombus profile, which can easily be mounted on walls, floors, ceilings, doors or furniture.

The strength of this model lies in its simplicity and symmetry, thanks to which you can create unique decorations and arrangements of the space around you. The perfectly flat and hand-polished surface of CARO panels brings out and exposes the natural beauty of wood.

The simple form, variety of wood types, and color options make it easy to match CARO panels to an existing or desired interior design. This model perfectly complements, for example, the three-dimensional DIAMOND, CARO PLUS, and CARO MINUS panels, so that you can create highly original wall decor that puts you in a good mood and impresses your guests.

Available oak colors

View of oak color 1
View of oak color 2
View of oak color 3
View of oak color 4
View of oak color 5
view of wooden texture oak
wooden panel caro dimensions

Product features

  • panel with an equilateral rhombus profile
  • perfect for residential and commercial spaces
  • quick and easy installation DIY
  • universal use – wall, floor
  • geometric form that perfectly matches modern interiors
  • arrangement in the form of a pattern as well as the entire wall
  • 3D equivalent – panel DIAMOND, CARO PLUS and CARO MINUS

Product specification

  • dimensions: 216 mm (8.5″) x 375 mm (14.76″)
  • thickness: 14,5 mm (0.57″)
  • material: engineered plywood 12 mm + solid wood 2,5 mm
  • wood type: oak / american walnut / ash
  • finish: hard wax oil / varnish
  • weight: 550 g/pcs
  • 1 m2 (10.76 ft2) = 19 pcs


To enhance your understanding of the product and its application, we have prepared extra materials for you. These resources contain comprehensive information about the product, including its specifications, as well as step-by-step instructions for installation.


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