IMPRESSIONS – a new collection by Karim Rashid 

“The subtle thumb-like impressions were inspired by painters techniques – treating the wood as if it is liquid paint leaving impressions that are painterly organic imprints. The three dimensional concave indentations can be reconfigured in many variations to create walls that have depth and texture, playing with light and shadow to give greater depth and dimension to our spaces.” 

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    Wooden panel Designer series


    • square profile panel 
    • inspired by art and nature 
    • concave form of the panel 
    • possibility to create 2 different themes 
    • ease of assembly thanks to the perpendicular form 
    • provides greater depth and dimension to the space 


    • thickness: 25mm
    • material: engineered plywood + wood
    • wood type: oak / american walnut / ash
    • finish: satin oil
    • side width: 25cm
    • weight: 950g 
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