5 Important Questions Before Buying Wooden Wall Panels

As we all know, wood is a durable and elegant material that can introduce a piece of nature to your interiors. However, despite the inherent beauty of wood, many of us have some concerns about using wooden panels in our homes or public spaces. Over the years, as we’ve interacted with our valued customers, we’ve identified five common concerns that often stand in the way of embracing wooden wall panels fully. Let’s move on to 5 essential factors to consider before choosing wooden wall panels!

1. How to install wooden panels? Concern about the difficulty of installation

Many people wonder if installing wooden panels requires professional assistance. While it is common for clients to hire a construction team during the renovation process, it is entirely possible to tackle the installation yourself. To support those who prefer the DIY route, we have created an instructional video that provides step-by-step guidance on how to install wooden panels effectively. Please find them below:

2. How to treat wooden panels? Concern about long-term maintenance

Wooden panels look really beautiful in an apartment, but many people are concerned about their maintenance requirements. It requires regular care to preserve its qualities, color, and freshness over time, which can make it seem less durable than synthetic alternatives. This can lead to initial delight turning into disappointment, as individuals may find themselves overthinking whether using wooden panels is the right choice or not. Having that in mind, we strive to finish our wooden panels with coatings that will ensure long-term beauty, and also support in the case of refreshing.

3. Can wood panels be painted? Concern about the difficulty of matching wooden panels with other interior decor

When deciding on a wood wall panel installation, we get a sense of durability and solidity, but at the same time, we are equally aware of the importance of ensuring that the chosen panels seamlessly blend with the overall interior decor. Choosing the right color for the wooden panels becomes a crucial consideration in achieving this harmonious balance. Our clients often express their concerns and difficulties in finding the perfect color that complements their existing decor. Understanding this challenge, we offer a wide range of finishes and customization options to cater to the expectations of each individual’s one-of-a-kind interiors.

picture of available oak finishes

4. How to choose wooden panels on the wall? Concern about the difficulty of creating my own unique project

The current market offers a multitude of options, and it can be overwhelming, often leaving us paralyzed by indecision. We do not have enough reliable information to determine what should guide us in our choices. Low prices may raise doubts about product quality, while high prices can deter budget-conscious buyers – obviously, we don’t want to overpay. With all that in mind, we need a person who will clearly explain to us all the important aspects of wooden panels, making an informed decision about the choice!

5. How to wooden panel a wall? Concern about visualizing the final effect

If you’re one of the many people who are curious about how wooden panels would look in your own interior space, there are various ways to bring your vision to life. While browsing through countless pictures on the internet can provide inspiration, sometimes you crave a more personalized experience that allows you to see the transformation in your own space.

That’s why we go the extra mile to offer you an additional option for visualizing the impact of wooden panels in your project. If you’re working on a project that involves using wooden panels, our design team can offer you free design assistance. Tell us more about your needs (idea of use, wall dimensions, which models of wooden panels caught your attention) by clicking the form below, and get free design assistance!


Given the above questions and concerns, it’s crucial to approach the purchase of wood panels with careful consideration. Understanding all the important aspects of wood panels is essential in order to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and preferences. By taking the time to gather knowledge and explore different options, you can ensure that your investment in wood panels will be both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your space.

To further inspire you and provide real-life examples of how wood panels can transform a space, we invite you to explore our collection of CASE STUDIES

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